Friday, September 30, 2011

Passing the Amber Ink Torch

It’s time to pass on the Amber Ink Orange Torch! I had so much fun… even though life got in the way! I was introduced to some amazing new images and took my first plunge with iPapers! You can see all my Amber Ink projects here. And I do have more projects in the works…. since the images are so dang cute!


My time as an Amber Ink Torchbearer has passed, but I think you’ll agree that the gal picking up the Orange Torch will make you forget all about me! Please welcome Michelle Single as Orange Torchbearer for October!!!

Badges.October.Michelle Single.Orange

She is such a fun gal and is all over the place in interests and activities. She loves her coffee… almost as much as me so I knew we were destined to be friends! Please share the love and see what exciting things Michelle has in store for you!

Thanks to Pam and Amber for a fabulous month!


Pam said...

YAY Teresa! Those projects look gorgeous and we are thrilled that you want to even do more. Great job on the pass off and I always know where to find you now that we're Pinterest buddies ;)

KER said...

sorry to see you pass the torch...glad you're still using these great images though

~Chris~ said...

beautiful creations.

Paula-Kay Bourland said...

Hi Teresa. Miss you, girlfriend. Nice cards you made